Asphalt: The Versatile Paving Material

Asphalt is used in a variety of things and settings. You can find it in parking lots, roads, bike paths, and driveways. Asphalt paving contractors are typically responsible for producing asphalt as well as installing it. Asphalt may be produced using machinery that cuts the material to the required sizes and shapes required. It is then spread out over areas by asphalt pavers. The effects your asphalt has will depend on the type of asphalt you choose. Here are some of the different ways asphalt can be used for pavement on your property:


Driveways are a common place for asphalt, and homeowners will often choose to pave their driveway as an inexpensive way to add value to their property. Asphalt can be stained, overlaid, or painted, so you can have the look that you want for your home. 

Driveways require regular maintenance and repairs, so it's important that the asphalt is properly installed in order to last a long time. If the job is done right, then asphalt will last years. If it's not done right, then it could be sooner that you start needing repairs or replacement.

Parking Lotsfor 

Asphalt is a material that has been used for paving roads and parking lots for decades. There are many reasons why asphalt is still the preferred choice for these types of applications. Asphalt is less expensive than concrete, and it doesn't require as much maintenance. It's also widely available in many different grades, which makes it easy to match asphalt with your specific needs.

Asphalt is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic, but it's also flexible enough to handle extreme weather conditions like heat and cold. And because it's made from natural materials, asphalt helps reduce your carbon footprint by not producing emissions like some other types of paving materials do.


Asphalt can be used for hardscapes, such as curbing for garden edges or patio and other outdoor surfaces. Driveway curbing helps create barriers between your home and the street to prevent damage from vehicles driving through your yard or hitting your plants and flower beds. Curbs also provide support for shrubs and flowers by keeping them from being trampled by shoes or other objects in your yard, keeping them healthy longer than they would be if left unprotected from foot traffic.


Walkways are a great way to enhance the look of your property. Asphalt walkways can be built to any size, shape, and length and can be designed to match your home's architecture. Asphalt walkways can be installed directly on top of the ground or over an existing concrete walkway. The asphalt walkway will be completely level with the ground.

Asphalt is a versatile material that can be used for all kinds of things. Contact a local residential asphalt service to learn more. 

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