5 Reasons To Replace An Old Concrete Driveway With Asphalt

When it's time to replace the concrete driveway at your home, you have two choices -- stick with concrete or switch over to an asphalt driveway. In many cases, asphalt is the better choice. The following illustrates why you may want to rip out the concrete for a new asphalt surface.

1. Quick Installation

A concrete driveway takes several days to install, from building or repairing the old base to pouring the concrete and allowing it to cure. It can be a week or longer before you can drive on the pavement. Asphalt, on the other hand, can typically be installed within one or two days, and it's ready for light use within 24 hours of installation. If time is of the essence, asphalt is the clear winner.

2. Weather Resistance

If your area experiences freezing winter temperatures, then asphalt will likely be more durable than concrete. Unlike concrete, asphalt is somewhat flexible. This allows it to expand and contract in response to drastic winter temperature fluctuations, which then reduces the chances of cracks and pothole formation. Further, asphalt is regularly sealed, which helps prevent water and sun damage.

3. Budget Friendly

Replacing your old driveway doesn't have to break the bank. Asphalt tends to be much less expensive to install compared to concrete, especially if you take advantage of recycled asphalt paving products. Concrete drives can sometimes last longer than asphalt, particularly in warm, dry climates, but in wet or cold climates asphalt is typically the more budget-friendly option.

4. Easily Repaired

Another way asphalt can save you money over concrete is that it can be repaired much more easily and attractively. Cracks in concrete require patching, which is highly visible. Stains, such as from oil leaks, are also much more visible and difficult to remove on concrete. Similar damage in asphalt can be quickly patched and the repair is less visible. Further, asphalt can be sealcoated, which evens out the surface while protecting it so that things like stains and patches are no longer visible. 

5. Eco Friendly

Although asphalt contains petroleum products, it is actually an environmentally friendly option. This is because asphalt can be recycled and reused over and over again, unlike concrete. This results in less mining of virgin materials, as is necessary with concrete, and fewer materials going to a landfill when the time eventually comes to replace the driveway.

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