3 Signs Your Asphalt Seal Coat Needs To Be Replaced

Asphalt can be one of the toughest paving materials you can choose. Yet, while the material is notoriously durable, it can be even more durable when it is coated with a good asphalt seal coat as needed. Asphalt sealing is made up of tar, hardeners, and other ingredients that form a protective seal over the pavement. While the original finish can last for quite some time, this finish wears away eventually and the asphalt seal coat should be replaced. How do you know when it is time to have the protectant sealing installed or refinished? Take a closer look at a few telltale signs below.  

The Asphalt Is More Porous Than It Should Be

Asphalt should not be porous. This is why when asphalt roads are installed, the installers take the time to ensure there is enough slope for proper drainage and even cut grooves to route water in some cases. If you step outside and pour water on your asphalt driveway and that water starts to absorb into the material, this is a surefire sign that you need asphalt sealing. Porous asphalt can be more prone to cracks, breakage, and erosion. So, it is important to get in touch with a contractor as soon as possible. 

You See Variations in the Finish Consistency

Stand at a distance from your asphalt driveway and look at the consistency of the finish. Do you see: 

  • Variations in the finish color, such as dark and light spots or strips?
  • Variations in the texture of the asphalt's finish, such as smooth in some spots but not others? 
  • Variations in the shininess, such as shinier in some places than others? 

If you can visibly see variations, an asphalt seal coat is in order. The installation of this sealant will restore the smooth and consistent finish of the surface. 

The Asphalt Surface Feels Rough to the Touch 

Run your fingers along the pavement and take note of how it feels. You may even have started to notice that the ride is not as smooth when you roll across the pavement in your vehicle or when taking out the trash. The roughness indicates the outer layer of material is starting to break down and you are feeling the bumps and ridges due to the aggregate used in the mix. As the upper layer wears down, some of the aggregate materials can be more prominent. Therefore, the surface can feel rougher. 

Contact a local asphalt sealing company to learn more. 

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