A Durable Pavement Product For Parking Lots

If you are concerned about the number of cracks and holes that appear in paved surfaces on your commercial property, you may be ready to invest in an asphalt product that contains fibers that will increase the life of the pavement. Natural and synthetic fibers are added to standard asphalt. The product is applied, using the same techniques that are used when adding a basic asphalt product to a parking lot.

Added Strength

Although asphalt is a relatively durable material when it is first applied to property, it can break down over time. There are many variables that can contribute to the premature breakdown of asphalt. Poor drainage or rainy weather conditions, for instance, can greatly affect the lifespan of a basic asphalt product. A polymer, a fiberglass material, or a natural material is occasionally used to strengthen a wet asphalt mix. Recent testing strategies have demonstrated that adding a binding agent to asphalt can increase the lifespan of a parking lot.

In addition to avoiding cracks and large holes, the use of a bonding agent can ensure that fresh pavement continues to look fresh. The use of a binding agent will slightly thicken the consistency of fresh asphalt. The upgraded mixture will be able to stand up against many variables that a basic asphalt product cannot stand up to.

Product Usage

A paving contractor may order specialized asphalt products from an asphalt supplier. They may also prepare their own formula that they use to conduct paving projects. Reinforced additives can greatly increase the strength of the pavement. The binding process is conducted when an asphalt mix and a reinforcing material are combined. The asphalt contractor you hire may specialize in using reinforced products to pave roadways, parking lots, driveways, and other surfaces that the public accesses.

Before you choose to have this type of pavement applied to your commercial parking lot, ask your contractor to break down the asphalt preparation and application processes for you. Although the use of a reinforcing agent could effectively lengthen the amount of time in between repaving processes, the methods that are used for the installation process will remain relatively the same.

A contractor may add a binding agent to fresh asphalt or recycled asphalt. An asphalt blend can be shoveled, raked, or rolled across the property. Once the pavement has dried, parking lot striping, arrows, and other directional details can be added to the lot. For more information, contact a company like Knight Paving.

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