What Factors Will Determine How Much You Pay To Pave Your Driveway With Asphalt?

You will encounter a variety of materials for paving a driveway, parking lot, and other outdoor spaces. That said, compared to other alternatives, asphalt might be the most versatile. It is easy to install and maintain and can give you years of excellent service. However, paving the driveway is capital-intensive, and you should assess the factors that contribute to the overall cost of the process. Here are a few key determinants and how to get them to work in your favor. 

The Type and Grade of the Asphalt

Start by checking the type and grade of asphalt because it is a huge determiner of the overall paving cost. Note that several grades are available on the market, each with unique price tags. In this case, the top asphalt grade is used to pave roads and will cost you the most. However, your driveway will not get as much traffic as a typical highway, meaning you can achieve desired results by choosing a slightly lower asphalt grade. Mostly, the base grade is what paving contractors recommend for spaces like the driveway because they have lighter traffic.

Asphalt types include the hot mix, commonly used on the roads, and warm mixes. Ultimately, warm mixes are excellent when you need a paving material with few fossil fuels. This is because the contractors heat them to lower temperatures, but they might cost more. On the other hand, the cold alternative is probably the most affordable because it doesn't require heating.

The Amount Needed and Transport Distance

The amount of asphalt needed for your project will depend on the driveway length and paving design. In addition, the width of the road also determines the volume the contractor will have to pour. To determine the amount you'll pay, the expert can give you an estimate after they assess the area that needs paving.

Don't forget that the distance the asphalt travels to the construction site also matters. Typically, if your asphalt comes from a long distance, it will cost you more than when your site is close to the supplier. Hence, look for suppliers within your locality to avoid paying too much for transportation.

The Market Price

Some factors, like the market price, might be beyond your control. Keep in mind that asphalt pricing depends on factors like crude oil cost and other production situations. Ultimately, when the supplier gives a quote, they will include these factors.

These are the issues to discuss with the asphalt paving contractor before installing your pavement. The experts can help you craft your needs to fit within the parameters that will lower your budget without compromising the paving outcome.

Contact a local asphalt paving service to learn more.

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