Sealing The Concrete Surfaces On Your Property

There may be many areas of your yard where you are utilizing concrete pavement. Sidewalks, driveways, and patio spaces can be some of the more common ways that concrete will be used in these properties. Concrete sealant is a product that will be capable of providing additional protection to the pavement so that it can better withstand the effects of exposure to the weather and frequent use. 

Is It Necessary To Seal Concrete That Is In A Covered Area?

Individuals that have a covered concrete patio space might think that it is not necessary for them to have the concrete sealed. However, it can still be beneficial to have this work done in these areas despite the fact that the concrete may be sheltered from some of the weather that could cause it to degrade. For example, a patio space can be an area that receives ample use, which could cause the concrete to suffer wear more quickly. Additionally, if you plan to prepare food in this space, there could be a risk of spilling substances that may stain concrete that does not have a sealant on it.

How Long Will You Have To Avoid Using The Concrete After It Has Been Sealed?

Aft the concrete has had the sealant applied, it should not be used until enough time has passed for the sealant to dry. Luckily, concrete sealants are capable of fully drying quickly. Before using the concrete, you should test to make sure that the sealant has fully dried and that it does not feel sticky when you touch it. This will avoid situations where you remove some of the sealant before it has dried as this may greatly reduce the overall protection that it is providing to the concrete surface.

Will A Concrete Sealant Change The Color Of The Pavement?

While a concrete sealant will act as a protective barrier for the surface of the pavement, it will be completely clear. This can avoid situations where it may impact the color or appearance of the pavement. In fact, the use of a sealant can preserve the color of your concrete as it can limit the bleaching that might occur. For those that have colored concrete, this can be especially important as resurfacing the pavement may be the only way to restore the color once it has faded due to solar bleaching, and this could be a costly and disruptive process.

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