Paving Your Business's Parking Lot

In order to make the property as accessible as possible, your business will need to invest in having the parking lot paved. Asphalt is a common choice for this work as it can harden very quickly while also being very affordable and durable. 

The Site That Is Being Paved Will Have To Be Fully Cleared

Before the property can be paved, it will have to be fully cleared. This will remove any trees or bushes that would interfere with the pouring of the asphalt. This is especially important when the parking lot is being paved for the first time. However, it can also be useful when the parking lot is being repoured. Over the years, bushes and trees could grow very close to the parking lot, which can lead to damage occurring due to the roots growing under it, and it can also make it harder for a new layer of pavement to be poured.

Compaction And Lime Stabilization Can Be Important Steps

After the site has been cleared, the soil that will be under the pavement may need to be stabilized. This will reduce the likelihood of the soil shifting and potentially causing structural issues for the pavement. When it comes to stabilizing the soil before paving it, there are two options that are especially popular. Compaction is among the most popular choices due to the fact that it will be extremely affordable and rapid to complete. When using this option, powerful tools will be used that can compress the soil as much as possible. Lime stabilization is another option for meeting this preparation need, and while it will typically take up to a week or longer to be ready, this is a solution that will provide you with the longest-lasting results.

Professional Line Marking Services Should Be Used

After you have had the parking lot paved, it will be wise to have the surface painted so that the parking spots are easy to see. Furthermore, painting directional arrows and lanes through the parking lot may also reduce the risk of a variety of accidents occurring. Painting these lines can be a challenge to do by hand, but there are line marking services that will be able to easily complete this work by using specialized equipment. While having this type of line marking work done to your parking lot will take up to a full day to complete, these markings will last for many years before they will eventually have to be replaced.

Reach out to a paving contractor to learn more about commercial asphalt paving.

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