4 Different Services To Maximize The Life Of Your Asphalt Surfaces

Are you looking to install asphalt surfaces on your residential or commercial property? Are you wondering what kind of maintenance they will require throughout their lifespan? Like other paved surfaces, asphalt pavements will require some maintenance after installation.

Keep reading to learn about the services your asphalt will require to look nice, remain safe, and serve you well for as long as possible.

1. Asphalt Cleaning

All paved surfaces accumulate dirt and stains due to regular use and changing weather. If you want to keep your property looking nice year-round, asphalt surface cleaning is a must.

Asphalt companies use a variety of hydro-blasting techniques to make dirty asphalt surfaces sparkle. If stubborn stains form on your asphalt, they can use mild cleaning products to remove them without damaging the surface.

2. Asphalt Crack Sealing

Like concrete, asphalt surfaces can crack over time, increasing the risk of water penetration and damage to your pavements. 

Microcracking is expected as the asphalt ages and the weather takes its toll. However, these cracks do not usually disappear. Instead, they are a precursor of larger cracks, which pose a significant structural concern for your asphalt.

If you see hairline cracks on your asphalt, apply a sealant to stop the cracks from spreading and becoming larger. In situations where large cracks have formed on your asphalt, you should fill the cracks with a crack filler before seal coating the asphalt.

3. Asphalt Patching

This service is necessary when potholes start forming on your asphalt surfaces. During pothole patching, the deteriorated asphalt material is removed and the area is cleaned to allow for the installation of new asphalt mix. The fresh asphalt is then compacted to ensure smooth integration with the rest of the asphalt.

4. Asphalt Overlaying

If your asphalt surfaces have lost their initial performance and aesthetic qualities due to regular use and weather damage, they can be restored with an overlay. An asphalt overlay involves removing the deteriorated layer of asphalt and replacing it with a fresh one. The old asphalt pavement should have a structurally sound base capable of bonding to the overlay.

When done correctly, an overlay can add years of life to your existing asphalt pavements, delaying the need for a complete asphalt replacement.

Taking proper care of your asphalt surfaces is essential to ensure their performance, safety, aesthetics, and durability. Contact an asphalt paving service near you for assistance with all your asphalt maintenance and repair needs.

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