Having Excavation Work Done On Your Property

Large-scale digging and excavation work can be a vital first step for many building and landscaping projects. While this work will be able to be easily completed by professional excavation contractors, there are still some steps that you will need to take to prepare your property for this work.

Make Sure The Work Will Happen On Your Property Lines

Verifying that the project will take place entirely within the confines of your property boundaries will be a necessary step that some individuals may fail to follow. This can expose them to sizable legal risks due to the chances that they violate the property boundary of their neighbor. Fortunately, surveying the areas where the excavation work will need to be done can be a fairly quick and inexpensive process that will help you avoid this problem.

Consider Whether The Excavation Site Will Be Exposed For A Prolonged Period Of Time

There are many projects that will require excavation but that may be able to be completed within a day or two. An example of this can be the installation of underground plumbing lines and sprinkler systems. However, other projects may result in the excavated soil being exposed for weeks or longer. In these situations, it can be necessary to invest the time and money into stabilizing the soil so that the excavation site will not collapse or begin to erode. Fortunately, these systems can be relatively easy to install, and they will be able to provide reliable and durable support for the excavation site for the duration of the work.

Appreciate The Potential Safety Hazards That Can Come With Having Excavation Work Done To Your Property

While excavation work can be fairly routine, there are some hazards that can come with it that will need to be mitigated. An example of this type of hazard can be the risk of damaging utility lines that are below ground as well as the potential risk of individuals falling into the hole or trench that was made by the excavation work. In order to minimize these risks, you should have the local utility companies mark where any buried lines are located on your property so that the excavation contractors can avoid them. Also, you can use safety netting or fencing to minimize the risk of individuals accidentally tripping or falling as a result of getting too close to the excavation site.

Contact an excavation company for more information. 

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