4 Ways To Apply Striping To Your Warehouse

Applying stripes to your warehouse provides many advantages. Stripes can make it easier to establish pathways within your warehouse and can make it easier to identify where equipment and goods go. They can increase the productivity and safety of your warehouse.

When it comes to adding stripes to your warehouse, you have a few different options.

Way #1: Quality Industrial Adhesive Striping Tape

First, you can create stripes in your warehouse using high-quality adhesive striping tape. Industrial-strength floor striping tape comes in many different colors such as red, black, green, yellow, and white. The width of the tape also varies. Industrial strength for striping tape is designed to last and is a quick and effective way to add stripes to your warehouse.

Way #2: Aluminum-Based Floor-Marking Tape

Second, you can also use aluminum-based floor-marking tape. Aluminum-based floor-marking tape is easier to apply; however, it is also more easily damaged and will have to be replaced more often.

Way #3: Painting the Floor

Third, you can paint the floor. You can hire a professional to come in and apply the stripes using a specialized paint-striping machine. Painting your floor is a quick and effective way to get the right stripes.

The downside to paint is that it can flake off over time and will eventually require touchups. Painting the floor will allow you to use custom colors outside of the common colors. You can find the adhesive tape. For example, maybe you want some purple floor stripes; you can get that when you paint the floor.

Way #4: Preformed Thermoplastic

Fourth, you can apply preformed thermoplastics. With preformed thermoplastics, a thick, plastic substance is poured onto your floor to create the stripe. The thermoplastic melts into your floor. This will only work if you have a porous cement floor. If the floor is sealed already, this striping method will not work.

If you have a porous concrete floor, preformed thermoplastic is an excellent choice because the material will last an incredibly long time. You will not have to worry about touchups like you do with paint or tape.

Applying stripes to your commercial warehouse will increase the productivity and effectiveness of your warehouse operations. If you have a porous floor, you can apply either paints or thermoplastics to create your striping. If you don't have a porous surface, you should use industrial-strength striping tape. Either way, hire a striping professional to perform this task for you for the best results.

To learn more, contact a commercial warehouse striping company.

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