2 Maintenance Tasks To Help Your Business's Asphalt Parking Lot Last Longer

If you have recently had an asphalt parking lot installed for your business, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to help keep the pavement looking fresh and beautiful. If so, there are a couple of maintenance tasks that you can do regularly that can help keep the lot in good condition.

1.  Make Sure the Parking Lot Is Draining Properly

On a regular basis, you should check to see to help that the pavement is draining properly, to keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition. You do not want puddles of water standing on the pavement, as water can quickly cause deterioration of the material. This deterioration can lead to dips, cracks, and potholes.

While checking the lot for water puddles, see if you can determine the cause of any that you may find. If there is a drainage grate nearby, for example, look to see if there is anything blocking the flow of water. If there is debris present, clear out the grate to allow for drainage. 

However, if there are no grates and you cannot determine the cause of the collecting water, there may be damage to the substructure. Before the damage gets worse and causes cracks or breakage of the asphalt, have a paving professional inspect it to see if anything should be done to prevent it.

2.  Remove Oil and Gas Stains as Soon as Possible

Another maintenance task that can help your lot last longer is removing any oil or gas stains as soon as possible after you notice them. Made from the same petroleum base as the asphalt, these liquids can cause rapid breakdown of the pavement if they are allowed to soak in and remain on the surface.

Ideally, a heavy-duty degreasing agent that can cut deep into the stains should be used to clean up the oil and gas. However, if you do not have any, a grease-cutting dish detergent can help get up most of the excess until you can get a more powerful cleaning agent.

Along with tasks that you can perform yourself, there is maintenance can be done by a professional to help keep your parking lot in good condition, such as seal coating and repairing minor cracks before they cause major damage. Contact a contractor who offers asphalt maintenance services to have them look at your parking lot and discuss with you a regular schedule to have them come out and perform these tasks for you.

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