Driveway Asphalt Maintenance Tips For A New Homeowner

As a new homeowner, it can be very difficult to know everything you need to know about home maintenance. It can seem overwhelming, but it is important that you take an interest in maintaining your home. It is an investment that should be protected — and your driveway should certainly be considered part of your home. So, here is a helpful list of tips for the new homeowner who might not have experience dealing with asphalt driveways.

Keep The Asphalt Clean Of Debris

The first thing you should do is make sure that you always keep your driveway clean. If you allow debris to gather on the driveway, then that debris can damage the asphalt. It might not seem like things such as leaves can do harm to asphalt, but over time, they can decompose, and the moisture from the decomposing leaves and twigs can seep into the asphalt and weaken it. This is one of the things that causes cracks to develop in the asphalt. So make sure to set a schedule and allow for weekly cleaning of the driveway.

Make Sure To Apply A Seal Coat

It is not sufficient to simply keep the driveway clean using a broom or leaf blower. You must have a company come and apply an asphalt coat sealer to ensure that stains and moisture do not destroy the driveway. A sealer is a clear chemical coat that protects the asphalt from everything from oil stains to puddled rain. If you have just had a new driveway installed, then you should definitely have it sealed. If you have moved into an older home that has a driveway, then you should consult with an asphalt maintenance service company. Ideally, you should reseal the old driveway and then seal again every three or four years depending upon how much sun, moisture and snow the driveway is exposed to.

Stop Drainage Issues Before They Become Dangerous

One of the huge problems that can affect an asphalt driveway is any sort of leaking and pooling water. If there is a drainage issue from your home or if there is an area of the driveway where the water pools up, this must be corrected immediately. You do not want that standing water to cause expensive damage that will cause you to have to tear up the damaged asphalt and install new, clean asphalt. So, if there is a drainage issue from your gutters, have that fixed. If it is an issue of an uneven asphalt surface that is collecting rainwater, bring in an asphalt maintenance crew to resurface and level the driveway.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers asphalt maintenance services.​

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