Why Asphalt Is Better Than Concrete

If you are wondering whether the parking lot for your business should be a concrete one or an asphalt one, then you'll be interested in what this article says. It explains the differences between the two different types of parking lots and points out some of the reasons why an asphalt parking lot is likely the best choice. 

Concrete stains easily

Concrete is white and a fairly smooth surface. Concrete can be easily stained in a lot of ways. In a parking lot, there will be plenty of threats to the look of the concrete surface, with some of the biggest threats being car fluids, spilled liquids, and rust. Keeping a concrete parking lot looking clean can take a good amount of work, which will include things like regular pressure washing cleanings and near-daily spray downs with a regular hose and a high powered nozzle. 

Concrete isn't flexible

Once concrete has set, it will become hard and won't have any give in it. This means that it will crack and even crumble if the ground under it shifts or if something like an earthquake happens. This is why concrete can be a poor choice in areas where the ground can shrink and expand a lot, such as areas of excessive amounts of rainfall, areas with snow, and areas with periods of extreme heat. 

Asphalt looks clean much longer

Asphalt's dark color and porous design helps it to maintain a fresh and clean look for a lot longer than a concrete parking lot. You might find you only have to spray down the parking lot every week or two and have it power washed every few months or so. This is a lot less maintenance than it takes to keep a concrete parking lot clean. 

Asphalt is flexible

Whereas concrete parking lots won't have any give, asphalt parking lots will have a good amount of give that can help them go much longer before they may show their first signs of damage. You do want to have the asphalt sealed when you see it starting to look faded and at risk of cracking. However, the upkeep for asphalt is simple and easy. 


Now you see why you may want to opt for an asphalt parking lot over a concrete one. A fresh asphalt parking lot can look very nice, and another benefit to it is the paint for parking spots will really stand out.

Reach out to a commercial asphalt paving contractor to learn more.

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