Elements Of A Long-Lasting Parking Lot For Your Business

Your business parking lot pavement is an important part of your business image and customer perception. Do all you can to keep your asphalt parking surfaces protected against damage and excessive wear for a long-lasting surface. Here are some recommendations for you to follow to keep your parking lot in good condition and lasting as long as possible.

Regular Cleaning and Protection Application 

One of the most important parts to keeping your asphalt parking surface well maintained is to clean it of damaging fluids that drip from vehicles. Removing and cleaning any vehicle leaks from the parking area on a regular basis, especially before resurfacing your pavement, are essential tasks.

If you hire your pavement repair and sealcoating with a pavement professional, they can arrange to clean the pavements of damaging solvents that will soften the pavement and erode the pavement's integrity.

Applying a protective sealcoating treatment to your pavement after you have had the cracks and potholes filled with lengthen the life of your pavement. Sun and weather can slowly erode the surface of your pavement, causing it to dry out and crumble, but a sealcoating restores its surface, finish, and appearance to restore its flexibility.

Follow Proper Snow and Ice Removal Practices

In the wintertime, your business parking lot and walkways can become treacherous with snow accumulation and the ice that follows. It is in your business' best interest to keep the snow cleared from customer areas and parking and keep melted snow from freezing. You don't want to have an injured customer filing a lawsuit against your business for their injuries. 

Hire a professional snow removal company to remove the snow completely from the parking area and to not cause damage to your asphalt in the process. You can ask them to raise the blade slightly from the asphalt so they don't gouge a hole into the pavement. Often they can provide a rubber-tipped blade to scrape snow and ice from your asphalt to protect it from damage.

An ice melt product that will melt ice and not damage your pavements is recommended, and there are many types available. However, it is important you look for one that won't damage asphalt or concrete, especially if your asphalt pavement has concrete curbing or concrete walkways. Use a magnesium chloride ice melt which won't damage either paving surface. In addition, if your business sees a lot of animal traffic with, for example, a pet shop or grooming service, use an ice melt that is safe for pets, such as calcium magnesium acetate.

For more information on parking lot paving services, contact a paving contractor in your area. 

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