Asphalt Pavement Recommendations to Maintain Your Paved Surface Condition

Asphalt paving is a durable and long-lasting budget-friendly surface pavement that you can use for a driveway, parking surface, walkway, or another surface to improve your property. However, you don't simply want to install your pavement and leave it unmaintained, as this can lead to failure and premature aging of its condition. The following are some important recommendations to keep in mind when you have an asphalt paved surface on your property.

Repair Asphalt Damage Before Laying New Material

Over time, your asphalt pavement will dry out naturally from the sun, wind, and other weather conditions. This will lead to small cracks in its surface as it dries out, which can enlarge into wider cracks. These cracks will eventually turn into potholes, so you must patch the cracks before they do any serious structural damage.

It is a good idea to always fill the cracks on your pavement before you install a new layer of asphalt or any other type of surface installation. If you hire a professional asphalt crew to add a seal coating layer, they will recommend and can complete the crack repair beforehand.

Investigate Major Damages

When your asphalt driveway contains damage and cracking patterns that cover a large portion of its surface, it can be due to a problem that is below the surface. An improperly-installed foundation won't provide your asphalt surface with the support it needs and it will usually result in surface issues. These issues can be anything from sunken spots to pattern cracking that looks like an alligator's skin (aptly named alligator cracks). So, before you simply pave over your asphalt's problems to fix them, you should hire an asphalt paving service to look further into your asphalt's condition.

Your asphalt contractor can inspect the foundation of your pavement to make sure the soil, sand, or gravel it is made up of is compacted and provides drainage for your asphalt. Drainage is important because during wet weather, your asphalt foundation needs to let excess moisture flow below the surface—otherwise, it will saturate and erode the soil and cause the pavement to settle and sink. In freezing conditions, the moisture will freeze and expand, pushing your asphalt layer upward and cracking it.

Keep the Pavement Clean

As a good rule of thumb, you should always keep your pavement clean from any spills and spots from vehicles, tools, and equipment. Many vehicle fluids are petroleum-based and since your asphalt is also petroleum-based, the fluids will soften and erode your pavement.

For example, your vehicle might have an oil leak that slowly drips onto the pavement. If you don't completely clean the oil from the surface or cut out the affected asphalt, it will soften and continue to erode downward until the full thickness of the pavement is affected by the leak. Always clean off spills and leaks with a degreaser cleaning solution to remove the fluids as soon as possible.

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