Three Extras To Add When Building A Paid Parking Lot

The middle of the city center is the perfect place to own a parking lot. If you have a paid parking lot or a parking garage that you are rebuilding, there are some extras that you can add to make parking more convenient for your customers and easier for your business. Repaving the parking lot or the garage to make sure that it is smooth and without any potholes is the first step to take for your paid parking lot. Once you have the parking lot repaved, here are three extras to add to your parking lot. 

A space for RVs and large trucks

Parking lot striping often happens as soon as the new pavement is dried. Most spots are paved straight and are the size of a sedan or a small SUV. It is common for large SUVs and trucks to have issues squeezing into a parking spot, especially when the parking lot is crowded. Create spaces that are paved to be longer and wider than the other parking spaces and create signage for trucks and SUVs. This will help customers with larger cars find a parking spot more easily and lead to fewer scratches and possible damage to cars in the lot. 

Designate space for RVs

It is common for RVs to have trouble parking, both in cities and suburbs. If you create spaces for RVs to be able to park in your lot, you will attract more business for your lot. Allow for large spaces for several RVs to park and make sure that the spaces allow for the RVs to easily pull in and out of the space. Hookups near the RV for electricity or water is also a good option that will provide you with plenty of business during the warm season. These spaces will also attract some who will pay long-term parking fees when they need to leave the RV for a week or longer at a time. 

Apply electrical car charging

Many people are going green or wish to drive electric cars. Electric cars are economic and leave less of a carbon footprint. It is easiest to charge cars while they are parked and come back to a completely full battery. Set up electrical charging ports for electric cars inside of your parking lot spaces. Make sure these spaces properly marked and that the charging port is properly illuminated at night or in the dark. The charging ports can be offered free of charge if you already charge an entrance fee to your charging ports. 

Speak with a parking lot striping professional about other ways to mark a parking lot. 

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