3 Reasons To Have A Parking Lot Paved After Utility Work Is Performed

Perhaps you had some sewer line repair done, or maybe some underground electrical or gas lines had to be replaced. In any case, these kinds of utility repairs can mean major damage to your paved parking lot. There are options available to patch and repair these kinds of damages, whether it is trenches, large openings, or something else. Yet, a full-on re-paving process can be a more logical solution even if it will cost a bit more. Here is a look at some of the best reasons to have your parking lot paved completely after utility work is performed. 

It is difficult for patchwork to be blended with old pavement. 

Patched areas of pavement are usually more tar-enriched and black in color, which means they are vividly noticeable after they have been installed. If you do not necessarily like the idea of having bold patches cluttering the uniformity of the parking area, it can be a better idea to have the whole area paved. This is especially true if multiple patches have to be placed over utility repair areas; your parking lot could end up looking like a patchwork quilt. 

It is common for repaired areas to be uneven with the rest of the pavement. 

When a patch is installed on one spot, the material is sort of mounded in place because it can settle as it cures. This gives you one spot of pavement that is higher than the rest periodically, but over time, the material can also settle to a point that there is actually a dip or a pothole. In some situations, this unlevel appearance is not just undesirable, it is a hazard for pedestrians or people who frequent the parking lot of your business. For example, a mother pushing a baby stroller could have a hard time getting over a hump or a dip in the pavement. 

It can be common for the pavement to break down at different paces. 

Of course, when you add a new spot of pavement to an existing paved area, the new area is going to break down slower than the rest. This can lead to having most of your parking lot become cracked and brittle. While this may not pose any real hazards, it can make the full parking lot look a bit odd. Therefore, there are some situations after extensive utility work that the full area should be paved.  

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