Worried About OSHA Compliance? How To Choose The Right Floor Striping For Your Warehouse

If you run a warehouse operation, pay attention to your floor striping. You might not realize this, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific standards for various components of your warehouse floor. However, when planning for the striping of your warehouse floor, it's important that you consider your actual needs before you schedule the project. Here are four things to consider when striping your warehouse floor. 


If you lease your warehouse, you may not be allowed to install permanent floor striping. If that's the case, you need a temporary solution to your striping needs. One way to do that is through a non-permanent paint application. These types of applications will provide striping for anywhere from a few months to a few years. Temporary striping allows you to conform to OSHA standards without jeopardizing your current lease. Temporary striping solutions also allow for applications regarding temporary projects — instances where you need alternative striping for a limited project.


If you own your warehouse and your setup isn't going to change for several years, you'll want to consider a more permanent solution to your striping needs. Permanent striping solutions are designed to last up to five years, possibly longer — depending on the traffic. Two-part epoxy applications provide you with flooring lines that will hold up to all types of warehouse activity. Best of all, you can choose colors that will provide additional safety and security measures. 

Loading Dock

If you have a loading dock that requires floor striping, you need a more heavy-duty solution. This is particularly important since most loading docks are designed with non-polished concrete, which requires a different type of paint application. Trying to apply floor striping using a process designed for polished concrete will cause your lines to wear out before they should. Unfortunately, faded floor striping on your loading dock will increase your risk for accidents and injuries. To ensure lasting results, choose floor striping designed specifically for your loading dock. 

Aesthetic Appeal

If you're looking to conform to specific OSHA standards while also enhancing the appearance of your warehouse floor, be sure to choose aesthetically appealing striping services. You can choose floor striping that will incorporate your company colors and logos into the design. This type of striping allows you to combine form with function to create a safer, more appealing appearance for your warehouse floor.

If it's time for new striping for your warehouse floor, use the tips provided here to obtain the results you need. Contact a commercial warehouse striping service in your area to learn more.

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